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Hi, I'm Sara. I'm a fisheries biologist from NW Indiana. (The NW is important, ok). Someday, I would like to become a mountain hermit.
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Finding alive bug species that I frequently pick dead from samples is never not going to be exciting. (Except for flies which are gross dead and alive)

Workin haaaard today guarding one of the boats next to a ramp while the trailer gets fixed. Leaves are already starting to fall and I can’t believe it.


An albino Wood Frog (Rana sylvatica) found recently in a pond at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, Rochert, MN, USA.

(via: Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge)


Aww what a little cutie! This little newt was the first thing that stood still enough at the Wilmington, NC aquarium so I could focus on him! Red-spotted newt.


Blue-cheeked Jacamar - Galbula cyanicollis 

Also referred to as Blue-necked Jacamar, Galbula cyanicollis (Piciformes - Galbulidae) is considered a species complex found across southern Amazonia, from eastern Peru and parts of Bolivia to east Amazonian Brazil.

This species can be easily distinguished by the yellow lower mandible and the bluish head and neck sides.

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Ciro Albano | Locality: Brazil (2013)



Playing in the mud

Happiest dog in the world for that moment.

I look like someone who is qualified to teach a college class, right? #dontanswerthat

Reef Butterflyfish
Chaetodon sedentarius 

via The Online Zoo

Spotfin Butterflyfish
Chaetodon ocellatus

via Biopic

Foureye Butterflyfish
Chaetodon capistratus


Bank Butterflyfish
Chaetodon aya



Curious by Marcello L. Reis

Artist Hubert Duprat Collaborates with Caddisfly Larvae as They Build Aquatic Cocoons from Gold and Pearls 


Trichoptera (caddisfly larva) building case (studio view), 1980-2000. Material: Gold, pearls, turquoise. Length: 2.5 cm. Photographer: Frédéric Delpech.

Check this out!

Artist Hubert Duprat Collaborates with Caddisfly Larvae as They Build Aquatic Cocoons from Gold and Pearls jewelry insects gold

(Source: Flickr / wolfpower)

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