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HI, I'm Sara. I'm too old to be on tumblr. This is mostly a fish blog but also herps and other general critters/stuff from the world. I am an almost fisheries biologist from NW Indiana. (The NW is important, ok). Someday, I would like to become a mountain hermit.
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DEP sticks to decision to grant permit for Estates area oil well 


Well looks like there will be drilling in the everglades, hello future environmental disasters. 


This neat little guy was waiting for me on the door to the shed last weekend. It’s a flat bug, a very appropriate name given the look of him, probably Aradus robustus. Flat bugs typically hide under the bark of trees. Maybe this one came from my wood pile.


I am strangely enthralled with gobies.  Male goby.  I think they’re way better algae eaters than some snails or otos. 

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"Kings of the tankbusters"

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Tortoise Leaf Beetle, perhaps Paropsis sp.

There are over 35 000 species of Leaf Beetle, family Chrysomelidae, in more than 2500 genera. It is one of the biggest beetle families.

Moondarra State Park, Victoria.

This was our last camp location on mainland Australia.


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Capybara ferries a turtle

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It is weird as a fisheries biologist and amateur aquarist, to be on tumblr and be kind of part of the fishkeeping community, because like all other tumblr communities (as far as I have observed over the past 3+ years), it is an aggressive and self-righteous community, but also like most communities on tumblr, a well-meaning one. 

Like many communities on tumblr, the fishkeeping community is quick and ready to attack anyone who commits any sort of faux pas, with little or not investigation or consideration. 

And I’m not saying this is everyone, all the time. But I have had it happen to me once or twice and have seen it happen to so many others…

And hey, I’m not trying to say you all don’t know what you’re talking about. And, yes, you do know quite a lot about fishkeeping and how every tank “should” be set up. And I know you’re just mostly concerned with the well-being of the animals. 

But coming from the biological side of things, and with knowledge of fish anatomy/physiology and habitat interactions, as well as a good grasp of what goes on in aquaculture… sometimes I just want to be like, SHH though, you CAN keep species X and species Y together… and yes your fish WILL survive event A or B…

I just think it’s important for all of us to remember that fish, like all pets, and all living things, are individual creatures with individual thresholds, personalities, and behaviors. Just because we think of a species as being aggressive etc. does not mean necessarily that every member of said species is. To assume that every living thing can be completely controlled by a strict set of rules is foolish and lazy. It is our responsibility as the keepers of creatures to know our particular animals, to pay close attention to them and not to make any assumptions based on anything other than observation of past behaviors and responses. There is no formula to fishkeeping, or any animal keeping, and to attack others just because they do things differently than you would misses the point entirely. 

If a person has managed to keep his/her animal(s) alive for some time, and said animals have experienced appropriate growth and not died, then obviously the person has been doing something right. There are many ways to skin a cat, as the saying goes, and there are even more ways to raise an animal of any kind. 

So there. I’m sure someone will have a problem with this post too. Not trying to fight with anyone, just saying. 


Our young god Dumat measured out at 8ft today.


Rhinochimera | Harriotta sp.

(by NOAA Ocean Explorer)

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